Thusharagiri Trekking

A place where two streams merge to become a river – Chalippuzha river- water cannot stop from leaping over rocky hills, just once. A trek starts from the hanging bridge, goes further up, from where you found this stream, get your gear ready for the real adventures, as Thusharagiri has only begun. Further inside the woods, more waterfalls wait for your dip. They are the Eerattumukku, Mazhavil Chattam and Thumpithullum para waterfall, the real gem which is hidden deep in the trail. On the trail one can meet Thanni Muthassi or the Grandmother Thanni, a Thanni tree (Bedda Nut Tree) which is believed to be 400 years old. Hollow inside, Thanni Muthassi can accommodate 3 persons at a time. Ready for a day’s hike like that? Here’s the reward. At the end of the day, you’d reach Vythiri up the Ghats at Wayanad!