Brahmagiri Peak

The trek to Brahmagiri hills is one of the most popular treks in Wayanad and one of the few which strikes a balance between awesome views and being first-time-trekker-friendly. It takes more than 3 hours of an intense trek to reach the top of Brahamagiri, which is about at 1608 m high. Trek begins from the Forest department camp shed at Thirunelli and is 10 kms long walking. You’d be exhausted by the steep climb, but the gurgle of streams comes at regular intervals to warm the cockles of your heart. Every time you get tired, you only have to crane your head up to see the majestic Brahmagiri hills, beckoning you from a distance, to pep you up. If you’re lucky and carry a binocular, climb the watchtower and you’d spot a herd of gaurs or elephants grazing on the valleys.