Nakshathrakuthu Idukki

The luxuriant waterfall in Mankulam Forest Division is one of the ecotourism spot. It is situated in Idukki District of Kerala.The innumerable perennial waterfalls ornate Mankulam like the diamond ear fall. And as the rain touches down more of them come alive. Narakakuthu, Kozhiyalakuth, Nakshathrakuthu, Kozhivalankuthu, Perumbankuthu are some of them but several falls left uncharted. Miracle pond, a pond that miraculously appear at the top of the hill finding its way thru the heart of the rocks, it’s the place where herds of wild animals find solace to drink. Mankulam’s flora charms every one. Cardamom, coffee, aracanut, rubber, and paddy fields duvets its surface with rich greenery. As explore more you may come across some breathtaking sights that can make you stand in awe for its creator.