Muneeswan kovil is a beautiful area, situated in Thalapuzha in Begur Range in North Wayanad division. At Muneeshwaran Kovil also a camp shed is seen erected which a pre-fabricated structure is procured from Games Village .Five camping tents are also seen erected to accommodate tourist. The Muneeswaran Kovil NCC camp and revenue lands with tea cultivation are located adjacent to the camping site and all roads to this place belongs to panchayat . The forest area in muneeshwaran kovil is adjacent to the revenue area and the muneeawaran temple has been thronged by tourist since long.The tourist operators here have erected big buildings in the adjacent revenue areas to facilitate tourism .All these tourist were trespassing the forest area and spending time in the Muneeswaran temple and adjoining forest area. The envisaging of the ecotourism plan and the erection of camp sheds with entrance gate has checked the illegal entry to this point. Each person to Muneeswaran temple is charged entry fee of Rs 30.00 by the Makkimala Adivasi VSS who is authorized to run this.