Mahagony thottam

Is there anyone who wouldn’t love exploring the world roaming around foreign counties and historic cities, exposig themselves to new culture and lifestyle? Most people have globetrotting dreams on their wish list.Interestingly, many of them would be oblivious to the exiting places at a stone’s throw away. Not too far away from Kochi, under the Malayattoor Forest Division, lies the beautiful Mahogany Thottam. Originally known as Mulankuzhy, Mahogany Thottam, as the name suggests is a forest of huge, black Mahogany trees and tall wild jack trees, including the oldest one that dates back to 1820 (the display board says it approximately weights 25000 kg).Managed by the forest authorities and Vana Samrakshana Samiti,the area where the wilderness and the Periyar merge is a calm spot for travelers, especially for those who love some quiet time. At the entrance, there is a ticket counter where a fee of Rs.10 per head is collected. Those alone can get a forest official to accompany them along the forest trail. The path is slippery and needs to be tread carefully. The chirping of birds and the cool atmosphere can uplift the spirit. If there is a noise from the nearby bushes, it means something just ran away. The visitors have nothing to fear here. In fact, it is the animals who are afraid of human. On reaching the forest clearance, the view that awaits visitors is something seen in dreams or movies – the beautiful rock laden Periyar, hanging from the trees, offering visitors a wonderful swinging experience. The huts and benches on the riverside offer a resting spot and visitors can gaze into the glittering river for hours. The officials have been maintaining this serene spot as a plastic free zone, despite it being a preferred shooting location. Remember the scene in the blockbuster Baahubali where Siva is resting on a fallen tree and talks to Avantika’s mask? It’s shot in the very same place. And the tree is now known as the Baahunali Tree. A large chunk of the Mohanlal starrer Pulimurugan too was shot here. Also home to several varieties of butterflies, there are hoardings that announce the flora, fauna and wildlife in the area. Situated 11 km away from Malayatoor, those coming from Ernakulam can reach Mahogany Thottam by taking the Perumbavoor – Angamaly – Kodanad route to Malayattoor.For a one day trip, the nearest Panieli Poru waterfalls and the elephant training centre at Kaprikad can be explored. During the Good Friday – Easter season, the neighboring forest route to Bhoothathankettu opens up. The reserve area and Malayattoor shrine also make great tourist spots. Getting There By Air : The nearest is Kochi International Airport which is 14 km away. By Rail : The nearest railhead is Angamaly which is 16 km away. Ernakulam Junction is better connected. By Road : Main Central Road is 10 Km away and links Angamaly and Perumbavoor. The KSRTC bus stand in Angamaly and Perumbavoor offers daily services to all major cities in the state.