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Wild Honey

Rs. 150 /250 Gm


About the item

This batch of honey, collected by the Apis cerana indica bees (Indian honey bee),is from an ongoing harvest which began in the first week of this month and lasts until the few weeks each time. The honey extracted is from hive boxes placed inside the forest of pristine Forest region on the Kerala side. This seasons’ batch will be infused with honey collected from the blooming flowers of Vateria indica (white dammar or vela pine), Indian rosewood (etty), Irul, Jackfruit, Iron wood, Mayil elu and many other wild flora. This honey is rich in variety of sources and possesses a complex set of flavors infused by the climate, it’s topography, the season and it’s derived vegetation. Most of the honey available in the market these days is collected by breeds of honey bees that require mono-culture vegetation to thrive and is therefore flat in flavor.

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