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An astounding beauty stands majestically in the dense forest ranges of, Alayamon Panchayat in Anchal Forest Range, Kollam District, Kerala. Kudukkathupara is located 840 meters above sea level and you can walk up to a height of 780 meters which covers 2 rocks, but the third and the tallest rock is not accessible for hiking. You can enjoy a breathtaking view from the top which gives you a peek to 4 districts of Kerala and a bit of Tamil Nadu. To reach the Kudukkathupara Eco-tourism project, you have to follow Kollam – Anchal - Channepetta – Aanakulam route. From Aanakulam, you can travel only by jeep till the foot of Kudukkathupara. Then starts hiking through the dense forest path called Chenkuthaya that gives you a chilling experience. This path leads you to the Kudukkathupara forest check post board and the walk continues. From there, you have about 365 stone steps to climb with stone benches in between to rest. In the journey, you will come across the Sayippinte Guha and the conference Guha. There are strict restrictions in taking plastics inside the forest to protect the wildlife from littering. There are multiple other tourist spots nearby that you can explore while visiting Kudukkathupara such as Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary, Kulathupuzha Temple, Sanjeevani medicinal garden, Jadayu rock, etc. As the height increases the beauty of forest also heightens in intensity. Below is the thick forest that is spread for kilometres. All nature lovers mind will be refreshed by it. It's not far away, Kollam-Angal-Channapetta route- at 'Kudukathupara'. This rock (mountain) is situated 3000 feet above sea level. Those who can climb uphill can come and enjoy the forest fines, and the distant beauty from up above. Unlike other locations, it's calm and quiet without much crowd, hours will be spend over here. It's away from the busy life of city which will refresh the mind and helps it to melt into nature. It's true that those born in such calm environment turn to become artists. Kerala's own 'Pookutty', Rasool Pookutty who got Oscar Award was born in 'Villakke para' which is located nearby


  • Open Time: 9:00am
  • Close Time: 4:00pm


  • Indian Adult: 30₹
  • Indian Child: 10₹
  • Foreign Adult: 100₹
  • Foreign Child: 100₹



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